Johann Christoph RICHTER

(Dresden 1700-1785)

opera treasures


"Il re pastore" on libretto by Pietro Metastasio in German.

Transcription in modern script

Editing. research

concept of an event

The setting of Metastasio's famous libretto "Il re pastore" by the unknown Dresden composer Johann Christoph Richter (Dresden 1700-1785) was discovered by Eleni Ioannidou while researching operas by Johann Adolph Hasse that had never been performed before.

Hasse's opera Il re pastore will be performed at the Royal Opera in Warsaw later this year and is therefore no longer of interest to us.

On this occasion, however, we discovered an opera written in Dresden around the same time, of which nothing is known. Was it actually performed and  if yes, where? who sang  

The manuscript of the opera is in very good condition in the Saxon State and University Library in Dresden and comes from the famous and particularly rich digital royal private music collection. It is the music collection of the great patron of music and art, Augustus III, King of Poland.

The research funding of the Fond Darstellende Künste (DAKU) now enables us to deepen this topic. The project has the following


1. To examine at least one of the two operas by J.Ch.Richter contained in this collection. We start with "IL RE PASTORE" and if time allows we continue with "IL NATAL DI GIOVE". Both operas are based on libretti by Pietro Metastasio.


2. A transcription in modern notation of the manuscript and edition of the score. Examination and description of the opera from a musical and dramaturgical point of view as well as notes on the composition of the vocal music.

3. Creation of a dramaturgical concept and draft of a project for the future performance of the opera.

4. Searching various other archives and sites to find more information about the composer's biography and work. Summary of the results of the work.

Note: The opera will be edited as part of a workshop for young artists (baroque instrumentalists and singers) in September and any scenes will also be documented (sound recording).

Completion of the project towards the end of September.


Funded by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR (New beginning Culture)