The projects of the society develop on three axes:

+ The research and rediscovery of the forgotten but rich and important cultural heritage of the region (Saxony, Bohemia, Silesia) and especially the neglected heritage of the Baroque period in Saxony and the forgotten Silesian heritage of the period before 1945. Here the activities also include the rescue and renovation of monuments. This includes the publication of texts, brochures, documentation through sound and video recordings, the digitization and edition of scores and their printing.

Here belong projects like the rediscovering of the music by Bolko von Hochberg , Anna Teichmüller , Max Marschalk , Andreas Hammerschmidt, Constantin Dedekind and Martin Opitz , Antonio Lotti in Dresden and Antonio Bioni in Breslau . Another project of the society is dedicated to the Wrocław composers between 1850-1945 . In year 2022, the chairwoman of the association researches the composer Johann Christoph Richter (Dresden, 1700-1785) and  work on scenes from his opera "Il re pastore" during a Workshop.


+ Promote artists and discovering talents.

A special talent lies dormant in every human being. The blossoming of skills and talents brings creativity, good luck and thus promotes a region with structural problems like ours. Talent promotion is primarily aimed at professional artists: we offer them a stage to show their talent, but also at amateurs, where we offer them the opportunity to work on their talents and meet professionals.

This includes the events in the Augusta Kultursalon, Herrenhaus Goßwitz, the Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann House Museum in Szklarska Poreba and in OP ENHEIM in Wrocław.

Here belongs the Academia Ars Augusta with the workshops  on“Italian Madrigals” (2019), “Silesian Apollo” (2021), as well as the opera productions “Giove in Argo” (2019, 2020) and “Issipile” (2021). 

This also includes the INTERREG project "Poetry and Painting Competition " for children (2021), which included a song singing workshop for very young singers.


+ To design and conceive innovative ideas for the future, based on the inspiration of classical music and the art of the past.

These include the initiation of an international Lied competition in Görlitz (in the future in the Stadthalle), the concept of the INTERREG PROJECT 2021 "Experience the romance of the mountains together" with an attempt to bring a forest theater in Oybin to life,  and the conception of an Theater and Music Academy in cooperation with other European Countries.

This also includes digitizing the music material like the “Song of Hellas” database.