First international

Lied competition

June 12-16, 2022

Dom  Kultury , Zgorzelec

Gerhart Hauptmann Theater, Görlitz

The initiation of an international song competition in our region is intended to continue the tradition of the former music festival that Bolko von Hochberg organized in Görlitz 100 years ago. The composer and director loved the human voice and wrote many songs for it. In Görlitz he also ran a singing academy and his music festival was also a kind of "competition" of choirs from all over Silesia. In 2022 (July 12-16) the first edition took place in Görlitz-Zgorzelec. 23 duos (singer-piano) participants sang a program from the "Hellas" repertoire from Schubert to Ravel and Jean Coulthard. The international jury awarded three duos, a pianist also received the special prize for the best song accompanist and many finalists and semi-finalists were given the opportunity to sing recitals in the coming season and to make recordings in our club.


The next edition will take place in June 2024. The topic will be announced shortly. Interested sponsors can contact us directly for the awarding of prizes and sponsoring with effective advertising.

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With the  patronage

and the promotion of  Committees  "Greece-200 years after the revolution".

The necessity to postpone the competition gave us the idea to use the recording studio of our association to celebrate the year 2021 and the importance of the anniversary "200 years since the Greek revolution". The re-establishment of Greece after 350 years of Ottoman rule might not be possible if a long line of artists, mostly under the romanticism of the trend, had not believed in the idea of "Hellas".

The "Song of Hellas" project is dedicated to all European spirits who have recognized the place of the Greek ideal, the Greek aesthetic. Have philosophy or mythology for European identity and culture. "Hellas" is at the base of European culture and an inexhaustible source of inspiration at any time of crisis.

From March to November 2021, participants from the "Bolko von Hochberg" competition were invited to take part in the project. Sound recordings were made and published on a website. At the end of the year a CD with the most beautiful recordings was also produced.

Further information on the competition page: