Thank you ! Vielen Dank! Dziękujemy!

The small celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Ars Augusta association left us all with a pleasantly warm feeling yesterday. We artists (and I personally as chairwoman and founder of the association) felt so much affection and warmth! There were moments of joy and human closeness that we need so much today and that seem so natural on an evening of music.

Das Bouquet von Frau Gabriele Jokiel!

Szczepan Dembinski, baroque cellist, rightly remarked that our diverse audience comes from all social classes and political persuasions, from all ethnic groups, from all religions, and yet they come to every concert with warm friendliness and communicate wonderfully with one another. So we have succeeded in the association's purpose of promoting culture and international understanding?

Szczepan is a musician who has been with us from day one. His contribution to the success of the Lusatian Baroque Ensemble cannot be overestimated. At that time he was only a student at the Music Academy in Wrocław. Today he is 29 years old, returned to his small town (Bad Flinsberg), where he not only teaches at a school, but also expands his solo career at the same time. He composes and will take on the role of concertmaster of the ensemble this year. The war in Ukraine touches him deeply: he wanted to donate the proceeds of the concert to the disaster in the neighboring country and wrote a piece for cello solo: "Variations on the Ukrainian national anthem". However, there are voices in our audience that have a different attitude towards the subject of war. But for us it seems to be a great success that we always get along wonderfully at these meetings - despite the different opinions. This is exactly the realization of Schiller's words "All men become brothers where your gentle wing dwells".

The most difficult thing of all for us artists in times of crisis and war is to remain a sign of universal values: international understanding, peace, human rights, the preservation of cultural heritage. I don't write "truth" - because we all know that truth is the highest value, but each person interprets this highest value differently. Words cannot comprehend the truth. The infinite power of the harmony of length of music, however, helps our minds to remain peaceful and kind even when defending justice and truth.

Die Künstler vor dem Publikum am 23.4.2022

We would like to thank each and every one of you for last night and for being so close to our activities over the five years. None of this would be possible without you, Susan Joseph said very aptly yesterday. Many thanks for the wonderful bouquet from Gabriele (Ms. Jokiel, on the photo), Dorothea (Braumann), Mr. Dembinski (who came to us from Bad Flinsberg), Mr. Sadowski, Ms. Bause! For everyone who brought something tasty! To the musicians!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors of the association. dr Winfried Stöcker, who was behind us from the first project. The extremely important funding of institutions such as the Euroregion, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the Silesian Museum in Görlitz, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, the Mitteldeutsche Barockmusik e.V., the Greece2021 Committee, the Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien Foundation, the city of Görlitz, Erika -Simon-Foundation and the many partner organizations that made these projects possible for us, both in Poland and in Germany. The private donations from loyal friends of the association such as Bernd Rosenstiel and Traudel Kochs, Gabriele Albrecht, Karin Thomas-Martin, Mary Schneider, Kay von der Heydt & Anne-Katrin von der Heydt, Mr. Markwart Schnabel, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mende, Mrs. Andrea von Wiedebach.... And all dear friends who always donated to our artists during the concerts!

Herr Dominik Dembinski mit Heinz Müller auf dem Balkon.

Thank you all! This clear recognition encourages us to keep working. So that bridges can be built again with the power of music and culture: between countries, between cultures and between times.

With our next e-mail in May we will inform you about the important projects that we are already planning this year!

Good health and happiness to all!

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