ISSIPILE of  Antonio Bioni



Immediately after graduating from university in his hometown of Zabrze, he began studying drama and at the same time dreamed of becoming a director, a dream that came true a few years later at the Cracow Theater School. One of the most formative experiences during his studies was a six-month scholarship in the directing department of the Barcelona Institut del Teatro . After his return to Poland he completed his directorial diploma on the stage of the theater "Tor", named after Juliusz Słowacki in Cracow, and began his "directing and theater life" as a director on various stages in Polish and European theaters.


The search for different theater experiences led him to found a theater association together with a group of friends. Raising funds for theater projects, organizing the work, even identifying locations for possible performances sparked further exploration. During his project work in a private theater, he had the opportunity to experience project management in a very special environment, namely the non-profit institution. As Vice President he learned a lot and thanks to this experience and knowledge I was able to apply and win a competition for the role of theater director at the public theater named after Cyprian Kamil Norwid in Jelenia Góra. This appointment was a great challenge to work in a theater that had been artistically neglected for a long time. As artistic director of the International Festival of Street Theater and the Jelenia Góra Theatertreffen, he learned how important management really is in culture. For this reason he started his studies in this field at the Jagiellonian University (Krakow) and graduated in October 2015 with the Master of Culture and Media Management. The experience in Jelenia Góra has also proven to be very useful in international projects. In addition to cross-border cooperation within the Neisse Euroregion, for which the theater was awarded, he was able to win participation in a major project as part of the Creative Europe initiative.  


While directing at many theaters in Poland and abroad, he got to know different working methods, different criteria, atmospheres, people - artists. He was particularly impressed by the German theater, how different it was (in many ways) from the Polish theater - by which he meant the way it worked, organized, realized and achieved the end result.  He wanted to continue his path as a cultural manager and at the same time try to describe the scientific methods of the inscrutable department of cultural management.


From October 2016 to 2018 I was the director of the Wiśnicka Museum, which manages the castle in Nowy Wiśnicz. Also in 2016 he started his doctoral studies at the Jagiellonian University in the Institute for Culture and in his didactic work he led the lectures "Leadership in Cultural Institutions".

As a director and actor he has worked with theaters in Krakow, Zabrze, Kielce, Olsztyn, Warsaw, Gdansk, Zittau (Germany) and in Catalonia (Spain). As a director he was responsible for "The Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler (Teatr Stu, Krakow), "7 Seconds / In God we trust" by Falk Richter (Stefan Jaracz Theater, Olsztyn), "Edmond" by David Mamet ( Theater Association N50, 18 E18, 46, Zabrze), "Witnesses" by Tadeusz Różewicz and "Bajzel" by Krzysztof Czeczot (Ludowy Theater, Krakow-Nowa Huta), "Valentine's Day" by Ivan Vyrypayev and "We Do Not Serve the Jews" by Mariusz Sieniewicz and "Skapens Skepsis" by Molier (Stefan Jaracz Theater, Olsztyn), "Dziady after Stanisław Wyspiański" by Adam Mickiewicz and "Kartoteka" by Tadeusz Różewicz (Theater by Stefan Żeromski, Stefan Żeromski) Me, Bitch and Her New Dude " by Michał Walczak (Laboratory Drama, Warsaw), "To Be Like Kazimierz Deyna" by Radosław Paczocha (Wybrzeże Theater, Gdansk), "Liberation" by Stanisław Wyspiański (Tadeusz Łomnicki's The Theater in Wola, Warsaw), "The Storm" by William Shakespear (Stefan Jaracz Theater, Olsztyn), Love Hysteria by Murr a y Schisgala (Studio Buffo Theater, Warsaw) and the music spectacle "Univers" (Teatre Microcosmos, El Vilet / Lleida). In the drama laboratory I also directed the series "Kabaret na Koniec Świata". In the Thatre in Jelenia Góra, named after Cyprian Kamil Norwid, I staged two performances: "The Ring of the Great Lady" by Cyprian Kamil Norwid and "Any Everest" by Radosław Paczocha. In Germany I directed 'Matka wojna' for D. Tavadze.

He assisted Kazimierz Kutz in "Ladies and Hussars" (National Theater Helena Modrzejewska, Cracow) and was the second director of Jerzy Stuhr's "Richard III" by William Shakespeare (Ludowy Theater, Cracow-Nowa Huta). As an actor, he played the roles (to name a few) of Widmo in "Dziady, Part Two" directed by Adam Mickiewicz, directed by Irena Jun and Nick in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" By Edward Albee directed by Laco Adamik.


In addition to his theater work, he enjoys running, hiking in the mountains, reading and listening to alternative music. He is also a mountain guide, he is interested in history and architecture and in his free time he devotes himself to family life, raising his son Mieszko and his daughters Dobrusia, Nawojka and Maciejka together with my wife Aneta.