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the pearl of ŻELISZÓW

Renovation and use of the former Langhans Evangelical Church in Żeliszów (then Giersdorf) in  cooperation  with the Polish foundation "Your Heritage"

The classicist church from 1797 with an oval floor plan by the great Prussian-Silesian architect Carl Langhans impresses visitors from all over the world with its simplicity and elegance, but above all with its magical light. The significant monument is located in a small village (Zeliszow) near Boleslawiec in Lower Silesia and was abandoned after the war and slowly decayed into a ruinous "lost place". In 2013, the monument was discovered by a group of young people who, struck by its beauty, decided to save it. That's why you set up the "Your Heritage" foundation. Since then, the foundation has managed to collect donations and renovate the roof and ceiling, renovate the wooden galleries, and replace the tower and finally the windows. The funding from the Polish Ministry of Culture and the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Ars Augusta eV has been working closely with the foundation since 2018. This cooperation enabled funding from the German-Polish Foundation for Monument Protection and the Erika Simon Foundation (for the renovation of the tower) and a donation from the foundation Prussian cultural heritage (for the renovation of the galleries).Together with the Evangelisches Schlesien Foundation, we were able to organize two concerts to collect donations for further renovation.At these events, the meeting between German and Polish residents of the region was particularly successful.The cleaning as well of the cemetery with the help of initiatives between German associations and p Olan villagers is one of the association's initiatives.

Ars Augusta regards the monument as an important symbol for the common cultural heritage of both countries and with great potential for international understanding.

Together with the "Your Heritage" Foundation, we dream of turning this monument into a future multicultural arena and organizing an international music and theater festival every year. In this way, the pearl of Zeliszów can not only become the motor for the development of the small village, but also a place of European international understanding.


Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo.  

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Big sponsors to date

Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Lower Silesian Voivodeship

German-Polish Foundation for the Protection of Monuments and Culture

Erika Simon Foundation

Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation